If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you’ve probably heard the term “calories in, calories out.” If you consume more calories than you need, you’re going to gain weight. Conversely, if you burn more calories than you consume, you will burn fat. Counting calories can lead you to some interesting conclusions. Some days, your allotted calorie intake may feel like enough, and some days it doesn’t. Why is that? It’s because foods have different abilities to make you feel full, and this is sometimes referred to as a food’s satiety index.

The concept of a satiety index was developed by Australian Researcher Dr. Susanne Holt. She had University of Sydney students eat different foods, all of the same caloric intake. They rated their feelings of hunger after eating the portion and how it changed over the course of two hours. She found that some foods provide a lot more satiety than others despite having similar caloric values.

Most Filling Foods

Boiled and baked potatoes have been shown to have the highest satiety index. Pulses, such as beans, peas, chickpeas, and lentils, provide immediate satisfaction. They are also packed with slowly digesting carbohydrates, high fiber, and protein contents. Fiber is known to improve digestion, control blood sugar and manage cholesterol. It also contributes to a feeling of fullness. Scientific evidence consistently shows that protein is the most effective macronutrient for providing satiety.

Least Filling Foods

Some of the least filling foods are those that we desire the most. Croissants, cakes, and donuts are low on the satiety index. Snacks and candies are usually not very satisfying. Of those kinds of foods, the fiber-rich snack of popcorn outperforms the others. Even though boiled potatoes are a satiety star, fried potatoes were not considered to be very filling. Most cereals you see at the grocery store don’t rank very well on the satiety index. However, oatmeal is one of the most filling foods, according to studies.

Vanishing Caloric Density

Food Scientist, Steven Witherly, brought to light how many popular snacks are created to be addictive. Researchers have spent decades learning about the way that people respond to different food factors and how they can be used to make consumers crave more. One aspect that makes us keep going back for more is crunch. Studies show that even foods labeled as crunchy are more desirable to the consumer. This is even more true when we hear the crunch. Vanishing caloric density refers to how some foods, usually salty snacks, start with a crunch and then melt in your mouth. This tricks our brains into believing that they have no calories and therefore results in overeating. Unfortunately, the calories don’t actually vanish.

At AZ Tastebuds, we understand the way different foods contribute to feelings of fullness. That’s why we can create healthy meals that will help you feel full while sticking to your caloric goals. For healthy and tasty meals prepared for you and your family, we’ve got you covered.

What does it mean to offer the best meal planning services for a clientele?

At AZTasteBuds, we understand that it’s all about cuisine and food quality, but it’s also all about logistics.

By combining the best ingredients and the best preparation methods with the best effective delivery, we are providing value to our customers every day.

The Time-Cost-Effort Matrix

Here’s one key visual way to look at this that we’ve incorporated on our website, because we think it’s so important.

The time-cost-effort matrix contrasts the practice of ordering out with the practice of shopping for food and preparing your own meal. We then add the additional option of getting meal prep delivered.

First, let’s look at the time axis. We’ve estimated an hour and a half to order, drive to a restaurant, park, pick up food and bring it home. That can be longer if the restaurant is backed up due to unanticipated orders.

We estimated an hour for cooking things yourself, including preparation and making sure the food items are on hand.

By contrast, utilizing a delivered meal prep service takes about five minutes.

As for cost, we’ve estimated $14 plus tip for the average restaurant meal, eight dollars for the average home-cooked meal, and presented our price of around $7.95 for each prepped meal delivery.

Then you look at the effort axis, and you really get some of your big savings:

Again, with your restaurant meal, you have travel time, parking, wait time, meal prep and service. You have to drive, maybe in heavy traffic, since it’s usually around rush hour that dinner time comes.

With home cooking, you have the shopping, preparation and cook time.

With a meal prep delivery service, you just pick it up at your door – and eat!

This is a great way to visualize how you save time and money with our excellent meal prep service in the Arizona area. We take care to plan effectively, to give you the economies of scale savings that feed your family for less without sacrificing quality …or taste! To find out more, browse the web site and find out how we tickle our customers’ taste buds, with easy, effortless delivery that doesn’t require re-inventing the wheel every time you want to eat dinner. Our commitment to you is that we worry about the quality and excellence of every meal that goes onto your plate – so that you don’t have to! Ask us about menus, logistics, and more. That’s what we are here for.

As we draw closer and closer to a new year, many people will think about their New Year’s Resolutions. Many people focus on changing their diet, losing weight, or embracing a new habit. However, the stress of making a positive life change can often be daunting, leaving many to ditch their resolutions before spring arrives. So, if that sounds like what happens to you, we encourage you to embrace a resolution that can be fun – and tasty – all at the same time. For all you foodies out there, we have compiled a few of our favorite foodie resolutions to you take with you into 2021:

  • Support small, local restaurants.

One of the best foodie resolutions you can make for the new year is supporting your favorite local restaurants. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the restaurant industry has been severely impacted and struggles to maintain its business. Do your part and support one of your favorite local restaurants. Either weekly or monthly, purchase a to-go meal or have it delivered to your home. If you don’t feel comfortable, consider calling one of your favorite establishments and find out if you can pay for someone’s meal or buy a gift card, they put towards someone’s order.

  •  Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet.

If you are looking ahead to the new year planning to go on a diet, consider taking on a simpler approach. Make a few changes rather than overhaul everything you eat. Add a fruit or vegetable to every meal of your day. Replace chips with raw veggies and a healthy dip. Stir in berries to your morning yogurt or cereal. Challenge yourself to try out a new vegetable that you’ve never tried before. A few simple changes like this can make a huge difference to your body.

  • Start meal planning for the week.

Whether your goal is to save money, reduce food waste, and eliminate cooking stress, meal planning comes with a wide variety of benefits. You can plan out your mealtime menus for the week and combine them with a food delivery service to help you with your meal prep. Our meals take the stress out of cooking and show up to your door, ready to heat and eat.

  • Donate to a local food bank.

Around the country, food banks are struggling to meet the needs of hungry households. If you can volunteer your time, even an hour or two every other week would make a world of difference. You can also donate extra food or money. Consider adding a few extra items of food to your grocery list that you can donate.

We all struggle with committing to our New Year’s Resolutions. However, if you want to make a positive change, consider some of the suggestions we have shared today. Recruit a few friends to keep yourself committed all year long. Before you know it, you’ve embraced a new lifestyle change that you will appreciate all year long.

At AZ Tastebuds, we are one of the best local meal prep and delivery services around. We ship quite a high volume of ready-to-eat meals to residents all over the Phoenix, AZ area.

How do we do this? By putting quality first. Meal prep and delivery is in some ways an art, and in other ways, a science. There’s a method that’s going to improve your final result and what people get when they open the container. Let’s talk a little about this since it is a big part of what has made us so successful here. 


Good and consistent portioning is really important with meal delivery.

You start with quality ingredients, and you portion them out correctly for a plate that really looks wonderful. We make things in large batches, and then plan for a certain number of ready-to-eat meals. Having more accuracy means we save time and money in getting these meals to the dinner plate, wherever that happens to be.

Food Safety and Last-Mile Delivery

Meal delivery is all about offering that last step in the food chain. We get the wholesale materials and make them ready for the plate and then ship them out. That means that food safety is a very important part of what we do.

Our people are knowledgeable about HACCP food industry safety practices and standards. For example, you’re not going to see food sitting at room temperature in any kind of way that’s going to jeopardize perishable ingredients. It’s not just meat that’s vulnerable to a lack of food safety when HACCP standards aren’t followed. We understand that, and we plan for it proactively. Every food service business should do this! Sadly, sometimes you see restaurants and other food service businesses cut corners in ways that could jeopardize the diner’s health. We are very vigilant about this kind of stuff. 


Over time, we’ve found what works to ship out different kinds of food to a diverse dining audience. It’s different shipping soup than it is sandwiches and salads. We understand that, and we’ve also improved our labeling process to make sure people know what’s in their food.
Take a look at the web site to learn more about how we deliver fresh, ready to eat meals to Arizona residents and families. Our time counter at the top of the page shows how long until our next delivery. Give us a call to get excellent meals directly to your door.

The average American gains around seven pounds during winter. This weight gain is generally due to people staying inside more due to the bad weather common during this time of year. Allowing your weight to fluctuate is not only bad for your body, it can also be bad for your self-esteem. Shedding the extra weight you gain during this time of year can be easier said than done. 

The main goal you should have when the weather outside gets colder is staying fit. Here are some things you can do to achieve this goal. 

Find a Way to Manage Your Caloric Intake

During the winter months, most people avoid getting outside as much as they can. If a person is stuck indoors for days on end, they are bound to get bored. When this boredom sets in, you are likely going to head for your fridge. If you are left to your own devices, you are bound to overeat. Most American adults lead very busy lives, which prohibits them from cooking at home. 

Instead of spending your entire night off cooking and cleaning dishes, you need to consider the convenience of using meal delivery services. If you are looking for healthy and delicious meals for a competitive price, the team at AZ Tastebuds can help you out. We offer a wide variety of foods, which means you are sure to find something you love. Once you get a taste for how easy and affordable using a meal delivery service is, you will be hooked. 

Get a Gym Membership

If you live in an area where cold temperatures are common during winter, then taking walks outside will be difficult. Failing to get the right amount of cardio exercise each day can create health problems. This is why you need to consider getting a gym membership. 

Before you choose a gym to join, go in and take a look at what they have to offer. Ideally, you want to choose a gym that has a variety of different equipment. With access to tons of machines, you can avoid getting bored with your daily workouts. If you are having problems staying motivated while at the gym, hiring a personal trainer is a wise move. These health professionals can help you develop a customized workout to target your problem areas. 

Sleep and Sunshine Are Your Friends

Not only will you need to increase your time in the gym to avoid weight gain during winter, you also have to get the right amount of sleep. If your body is unable to rest and regenerate, your metabolism may start to slow down. If this happens, weight gain is a near certainty. 

Staying healthy in winter also requires a daily dose of vitamin D. The best way to get this essential vitamin is by spending some time in the sun. Getting outside will also be good for your mental health. 

Meal Delivery is a Fantastic Option

Do you need access to healthy and affordable meals? If so, contact AZ Tastebuds.

A recent survey found that over 37% of Americans regularly eat fast food. In most cases, the food you get at your local drive-thru will be extremely unhealthy. If your main reasoning for stopping at a fast food restaurant is convenience, there are other options you can pursue. Some people simply don’t have the time to cook meals at home. Rather than letting your health suffer as a result of a busy schedule, you need to consider using a meal prep service. 

If there are a number of meal prep companies in your area to choose from, do your homework before making a hire. Working with a company that has an extensive menu and a great reputation is a good idea. Using a meal prep company can be beneficial, and here are some reasons why. 

1. Healthy Food Options are a Must

One of the main goals most people have is controlling their weight. If you are dealing with weight problems, it is only a matter of time before your heart and other vital organs start to suffer. Rather than consuming empty calories and fast food, you need to find healthier food options to put into your body. The easiest way to accomplish this goal is by using a meal prep service. 

Before using a particular meal prep company, you need to take a look at their menu. By doing this, you can get more information regarding the dishes they carry. The biggest misconception most people have about healthy food is that it has to taste bad. In reality, healthy foods can be delicious if they are prepared correctly. This is why using a meal prep service with a seasoned chef at the helm is a wise move. 

2. Meals Tailored to Your Tastes

As you start to look at the different meal prep services in your area, pay attention to the selection on their menu. Ideally, you want to choose a company that has lots of different options. The more options a meal prep service offers, the easier it will be to get something the whole family will love. 

If you are the parent of a picky eater, then allowing them to look at the menu, a meal prep service has to offer. Allowing them to do this can help you figure out whether there are options they are willing to try. 

3. The Power of Portion Control

If you are trying to lose weight, you have to learn about portion control. Preparing meals on your own can result in you consuming more food than you actually need, and making portion control easier will require the help of a meal prep service. Most companies that specialize in providing meals to the general public are very adamant about controlling portion sizes. With their help, you can get the delicious food you need without over-indulging. 

Looking For a Great Meal Prep Service? 

If you are anxious to see the benefits a meal prep service can bring to your life, contact Taste Buds. We have an extensive menu of great foods for you to choose from.