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You are what you eat!

Founded in September 2015, AZ TASTEBUDS MEALPREP began as a vision of Dee, a former Gold’s Gym employee and bodybuilding enthusiast, whose personal and professional journey was deeply intertwined with the principles of nutrition and fitness. Our mission was clear from the start: to provide proper nutrition, help cure nutritional deficiencies, and assist individuals in achieving their targeted weight and body goals.

Our story started in California, in the challenging yet rewarding environment of a gym. Dee, transforming from a skinny high school graduate to a muscular 180-pound figure, not only embraced the fit lifestyle but also became a beacon of healthy living. The turning point came when Dee’s father was diagnosed with diabetes, coupled with his struggle with picky eating habits. This personal challenge led to the inception of a meal prep solution that was both nutritious and appealing.

Together with my partner Bre, a dedicated nurse, we embarked on a journey to create meal prep solutions that resonated with our values. We devoted our Sundays to preparing meals, initially for friends and clients, which soon garnered appreciation and love. The struggle was real, with long hours, financial challenges, and personal sacrifices. But our determination never wavered.

Fast forward to today, our venture, AZ TASTEBUDS MEALPREP, has not only served a wide range of clients, including elite athletes, celebrities, and bodybuilders, but also our beloved community. Our appearance on news channels further catapulted our credibility and reach. At the heart of our success is our unwavering commitment to serve nutritious, honest, and affordable meals.

Our program is designed to save time, enhance confidence, and promote a healthy lifestyle. From reversing diabetes to improving self-esteem, we’ve been a part of countless transformative journeys. Our rotating menus keep meals exciting and diverse, aligning with our motto: “You are what you eat.”

As we expand, our focus remains on delivering fresh, high-quality meals across states, ensuring that every household has access to healthy eating options. Our community service extends to feeding the homeless and supporting local police departments, reflecting our dedication to giving back.

In addition to meal prep, we’ve reintroduced personal training at an unbeatable rate, accessible through our website and app, complete with video demonstrations and personal coaching.

We, Bre and Dee invite you to join our Tastebudders Community and enter the Winners Circle Today!

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