How do you make a good salad?

Ask 15 people, and you’ll get 15 different answers. People are very opinionated about their salad. For example, how do you like your lettuce?

Lots of people like it diced very small, in very fine, thin strips. Others prefer larger or thicker pieces with a rectangular cut.

But beyond that, let’s look at what goes into a good salad…and why that’s important in this kind of meal prep. 


There is quite a consensus that a good salad has a mix of ingredients that complement each other, and provide well-rounded nutrition. What are those ingredients? It’s worth thinking about when you are putting one of these meals together. 

For example, there are proteins, combined with greens and different kinds of vegetables that have their own nutrition content. Green vegetables, we know, are supreme in terms of health value. We, as a whole, need to eat more plant foods!

The carrot, with its beta-carotene and antioxidants, is a common addition. Ditto for cucumbers and tomatoes, which have their own chemical contributions to your salad plate.

Then there are proteins – our chicken and barbecue chicken are options for dressing up your salad. We also crumble hard-boiled egg on many of the salad dishes for additional protein.

Beyond that, when you think about it, salad is really versatile – it can be put together in so many different appealing ways. Some people find it hard to like salad – but when they finally get a good one, a lot of them feel more comfortable working it into their meal plans.

As for the health value of salad, one of the major ones is that you’re replacing carbs with green vegetables like lettuce, spinach and arugula.

It’s not hard to see the health value there.

When you balance that with good taste and good flavors, you get a win-win situation.

That’s a bit about our salad, but we also have bowls and other options for ready-to-go meals.

You can see some of our menu options online, and think about how you can order these attractive options to get better access to nutritious and delicious daily meals. This isn’t fast food – it’s well made meals that nourish your body and provide good nutrition for your day! 

You can find these and more resources elsewhere on the site – including a delivery countdown that shows you when we’re going to next be out there delivering all of this savory goodness! Get in touch for meals that rock.