Three Healthy Breakfast Choices

When you look at our menu delivery program, you see how we have created meals that can help you stay healthier and more active over time.

Here are three components of how we’ve designed our menu to feature choices that lead to better daily nutrition and ultimately better health.

Turkey Bacon

We know that traditional pork bacon is extremely heavy in fat content. With today’s agriculture methods, it’s even more laden with the types of heavy fats that can lead to various types of chronic health problems.

Turkey bacon is, simply, a lot leaner, and still provides that protein for a healthy breakfast. You’ll see it featured in a lot of our breakfast plates for that reason! This is tasty stuff, without the guilt.

Low-Fat Cheeses

Here again, we’re simply taking some of the excess fat out of the equation.

It may have made more sense for people to eat large amounts of fats in their daily diet when we had less labor-saving technology and people were, in general, more active

These days, it’s often one of the biggest commandments that a family doctor gives – lose weight and keep weight off.

One of the fundamental ways to do that is to cut fat content.

Now let’s talk about these low-fat products. You might not reach for them in the store, because you associate them with a lack of taste or texture.

However, once you get used to a low-fat variety, you can see considerable health gains. It’s so worth it! So we integrate these products as a way to help introduce more people to their appeal.

Natural Salsa

Here’s another one where our catalog points you toward better health.

Today’s sauces are notoriously high in things like high fructose corn syrup and other ingredients that you could almost call “contaminants” – most buyers don’t really want them to be in there, but they don’t often check, and the filler makes the product cheaper.

Manufacturers are essentially putting all kinds of a natural product into anything from ranch and barbecue sauce to ketchup and salsa.

On the other hand, a nice natural salsa provides quite a lot of health value. There is the tomato with its antioxidants and other vegetable properties. There’s onions and other diced vegetables. But then there is the crowning glory of natural salsa, garlic, which is a superfood and very much desirable in your daily menu.

So when you are going over your options for breakfast, think about how we created these plates to help you reach toward better fitness and health value.