Cooking for a Crowd

What’s important in large batch cooking? As a top meal prep delivery service in the Phoenix, AZ area (where there are a lot of people to feed!), we’re always looking at these considerations, and trying to figure out how to up our game. Here are some of the things we have been thinking about in terms of how you best provide food for a large number of people.

Food Costs

First and foremost, you have to look critically at your menu and figure out what your food costs are. That’s part of crafting the right menu, along with considering the nutrition value of different ingredients and how certain tastes go together.

Having a good menu that accommodates your food budget while offering delicious flavors and good nutrition is the foundation on which you will feed your crowd! We put quite a bit of work into that process, to turn out food that’s functionally fantastic, if you’ll pardon the wonkish term.


In cooking large batches for a larger number of people, you also need to keep in mind that consistent results will help you to build long-term success.

For those consistent results, it’s important to look at your equipment and gear and make sure that you have what it takes to turn out batch after batch of perfect food. That may have to do with micromanaging controls for various cooking stations, or making sure that people are properly trained to always sear or grill something to perfection. Most of us are familiar with that disappointment that comes when you visit a kitchen twice and the food is radically different!

That’s something you want to avoid for table service, but it’s also something you should try addressing in catering and large-scale cooking as well.

Scheduling and Logistics

All kinds of cooking for diners require logistics and scheduling, and large-scale cooking is certainly no exception. In fact, it’s even more important in this type of culinary service to figure out the details in terms of when something will be cooked and when it will be delivered to a customer. You’ll see on our website that we have modern tools and resources for making these projects happen in an effective way. Part of our meal prep service is our digital and logistics model for getting your food to you when you need it. We serve big numbers of people all the time, and we have the chops to get your food to you, fresh and ready to go. Browse the web site for more details. Bon appetite!