It may seem like an impossible goal when you are actively trying to lose weight or get in shape. Your fit friends may tell you how easy it is. Unfortunately, this can be discouraging and make you wonder – what is the secret to success? 

While there is no secret to instant weight loss, there are some topics you need to understand. The first is snacks. 

The Importance of Snacks

Eating snacks helps you remain full until your next meal. It could be difficult to stick to a meal plan if you ate a meal, have four to five hours until your next meal, and are already feeling hungry. While using a meal prep service is a great way to take the stress out of what you eat, it doesn’t help if you get hungry with the next meal hours away. 

It’s important to remember that if you are accustomed to eating at a set time, it will align with your circadian rhythm. As a result, you feel hungry when you are used to eating. If you have a set schedule of when you eat, it will be difficult to change things up without experiencing some cravings throughout the day. 

If you want to use a service that prepares meals and promises results, it means you can’t be snacking in between. This is going to sabotage your efforts. 

Even seemingly small snacks and “add ons” can hugely impact your success. Some of the biggest mistakes people tend to make are found here. 

Adding Sugar to Your Coffee 

Adding sugar to your coffee adds 200 to 300 calories without even knowing it. Most people rely on coffee to make it through the day. However, rather than using sugar, go for Splenda. This will help you stay on track and add the sweetness you are looking for. 


Most people believe fruit is good for them, and it is. However, a cup of fruit comes with 200 calories, and most people don’t stop with just a cup. A single banana adds 105 calories to your total intake for the day. If you have trouble losing weight, it’s probably time to put the fruit down. 


This refers to alcoholic beverages (particularly beer), soda (not diet soda), juice, and any other liquid with calories. All of these can sabotage your efforts. If you don’t know if you can have something, look at the label to see the caloric information. 


Eating nuts as a snack will make you fat. While nuts are technically good for you, they are also full of calories. If you are using a meal prep service, you get all the calories you need. This also means you need to avoid nuts at all costs. Most people don’t realize that a cup of peanuts can have 828 calories. 

Making the Most of Your Calories 

If your goal is to lose weight, a calorie deficit is a must. Unfortunately, it may be your snacks that are sabotaging your efforts. Use the information above to rethink your eating habits and to start seeing benefits.