What You Eat – And What You Don’t Eat

What’s the value in customized meal planning?

In the old days, it used to be a question of what you get. How are the portions? We typically looked at what we got on the plate, and calculated the value according to the food costs. More was always better. We could take leftovers home in a doggy bag and eat them for another meal.

Today, things are a little bit different. We’re looking at a glut of caloric consumption and what it does to our bodies. We seem to be collectively not very good at portion control or calorie reduction. So sometimes these days, people are paying to eat less. That might sound strange in a different societal context, but it really makes sense in today’s culinary world. In a sense, you’re “seeing the negative space” – looking beyond size to think about how food changes us over time. It’s kind of something that makes your head spin, but it’s something that people have to think about – or ignore at their peril.

Let’s look at how this works with some of our meal options.

Macro Bowls

Our macro bowls are based on careful nutrition and portion control. You get a full meal – but you don’t get a lot of empty calories, or unbalanced meals without correlating nutrition. That’s part of the trend nowadays, and we’ve jumped on that bandwagon to be able to offer a better product. The trend to offer quality over quantity, though, is pretty new, and goes against the grain of the more established trend – to super-size everything that you get at a restaurant. A 64-oz. soda? Really?

More Customized Meals

We also have the ability to deliver meals with different components. Suppose you don’t want any carbs, and you just want to eat meat and vegetables in a sort of paleo diet configuraton. That type of meal planning can be hard to come by, but when you look at our menu, you’ll see how versatile it is, and how much you can micromanage what you eat to have better quality of life and still be provided the nutrients that you need.

For more, keep reading our web site. At AZ Tastebuds, we excel at bringing the right quality and the right quantity to you, through our top-tier meal prep and planning service. Our bowls are the best! We combine great ingredients and excellent recipes to make eating fun, but also, to make it a bit healthier, so that over time, you don’t suffer from “fast food syndrome.” People want to take better care of themselves – and that makes sense! Browse our menu for what you want in AZ.