As a top meal prep and delivery service, one of our best-selling types of products is the prepared bowl, a mix of hearty ingredients designed to whet your appetite in a nutritious way.

Our bowls are in high demand, and easy to deliver around the Phoenix, AZ area. Why do we package food this way?

Bowls and Bowl Containers

One reason that bowls are so popular is that they are easy from a packaging and delivery perspective. The whole dish is contained in one container, so that you don’t have to worry about different components being at different temperatures, or items spilling out of an open container.

In addition, these bowls can be reused and repurposed after delivery. That means less packaging waste, which is important these days. 

The Nutrition of Bowls

You can also look at the bowl from a nutrition standpoint, where you can see the value of getting a good balance. 

It’s important to get different food groups into the bowl, and complement various types of foods with others that have different nutritional value. You don’t just want a whole package of carbs, or a lot of fatty food without food that contains plant sterols and antioxidants, for example. Most people want some dairy, but most people don’t want dairy to be the primary ingredient.

Our chefs work tirelessly to create the kinds of recipes that have that balance that you want when you’re ordering delivery food and meal prep service.

Three of our Bowls

Try the tantalizing tastes of our bowl options to get wonderful meals for any occasion.

Try our cheesy chili with spanish rice, chili and Monterey Jack cheese. Then there’s our Hawaii bowl, which complements white jasmine rice with barbecue chicken, sweet onion and cilantro. We also include pineapple, a fruit known for its beneficial properties and bromelain, a natural chemical in the fruit that has its own health value.

Another of our popular bowls is based on caramelized teriyaki components with vegetable fried rice. Read all about it online, and select your favorites for delivery to your door. 

If all of this sounds delicious, check out our online catalog. Our modern e-commerce site makes it easy to order your meals, and our conscientious staff will deliver. We take a lot of pride in what we do! Whether you’re a senior with limited mobility, a busy family, or a commuter working overtime, or really, anybody who likes food – give it a try!