Two Foods That Can Impair Your Immune System

We know that we are what we eat and that our choices about what foods we consume can make all the difference in how we feel and how well our body fights against disease. Food can increase energy, decrease inflammation, and boost our immune systems. However, some foods can also work against you and keep your immune system from functioning at its best.

Since eating healthy, fresh, and vitamin-rich foods strengthens us, it is vital to understand which foods work against us. We have listed three foods to avoid or limit to minimize the negative impact on your health.

Caffeinated Beverages

Many of us depend on a morning coffee or energy drink to jump-start our day. While caffeinated beverages may offer immediate stimulation, they do more harm than good. For the immune system to work optimally, it depends on our body receiving appropriate rest to tackle the job of fighting off disease. A lack of good quality sleep impairs the body’s immune response and increases susceptibility to illness.

Caffeine is a stimulator that interrupts the body’s standard sleep patterns, keeping it from spending adequate time in deep restorative sleep phases. Interruptions in sleep patterns disrupt the regular cycles the body must experience to regenerate and restore itself. Try to minimize the effects of caffeinated beverages on your body by limiting the number of caffeinated drinks you consume in a day and consuming them early in the day as possible.

Added Sugars And Processed Foods

Let’s face it; a hectic schedule can make homecooked meals seem impossible. Ready-to-cook packaged foods have become a staple in many of our homes, but they are not necessarily the best choices for immune system support. These packaged foods typically contain a host of unnatural chemicals and compounds, like flavorings, artificial coloring, preservatives, and added sugars. While all of these compounds may be necessary for the shelf-life of the food product, they are unnecessary for our body.

The added chemicals and sugars of processed foods exacerbate a body’s existing inflammation, which monopolizes its immune response, ultimately decreasing its capacity to defend against illness. Eating minimally processed whole foods that consist of five or fewer ingredients is a better way to support your body’s immune system.

A Better Choice

As a busy schedule is the number one reason we tend to increase caffeine intake and grab unhealthy processed foods to eat, we must opt for a better choice. Meal prep and delivery companies offer healthier alternatives through a range of cooked meal offerings that are delivered to your door. This option not only provides better quality food for your immune system support, but it also saves you time in the process, allowing for more time to rest.