What does it mean to offer the best meal planning services for a clientele?

At AZTasteBuds, we understand that it’s all about cuisine and food quality, but it’s also all about logistics.

By combining the best ingredients and the best preparation methods with the best effective delivery, we are providing value to our customers every day.

The Time-Cost-Effort Matrix

Here’s one key visual way to look at this that we’ve incorporated on our website, because we think it’s so important.

The time-cost-effort matrix contrasts the practice of ordering out with the practice of shopping for food and preparing your own meal. We then add the additional option of getting meal prep delivered.

First, let’s look at the time axis. We’ve estimated an hour and a half to order, drive to a restaurant, park, pick up food and bring it home. That can be longer if the restaurant is backed up due to unanticipated orders.

We estimated an hour for cooking things yourself, including preparation and making sure the food items are on hand.

By contrast, utilizing a delivered meal prep service takes about five minutes.

As for cost, we’ve estimated $14 plus tip for the average restaurant meal, eight dollars for the average home-cooked meal, and presented our price of around $7.95 for each prepped meal delivery.

Then you look at the effort axis, and you really get some of your big savings:

Again, with your restaurant meal, you have travel time, parking, wait time, meal prep and service. You have to drive, maybe in heavy traffic, since it’s usually around rush hour that dinner time comes.

With home cooking, you have the shopping, preparation and cook time.

With a meal prep delivery service, you just pick it up at your door – and eat!

This is a great way to visualize how you save time and money with our excellent meal prep service in the Arizona area. We take care to plan effectively, to give you the economies of scale savings that feed your family for less without sacrificing quality …or taste! To find out more, browse the web site and find out how we tickle our customers’ taste buds, with easy, effortless delivery that doesn’t require re-inventing the wheel every time you want to eat dinner. Our commitment to you is that we worry about the quality and excellence of every meal that goes onto your plate – so that you don’t have to! Ask us about menus, logistics, and more. That’s what we are here for.