One of our online order options is the five-meal package where you can get a sampling of some of the great products we put together on a regular basis.

The five-meal package gives you a certain amount of meal point value at a significant discount.

Get into the tastes that you will find as you explore our menu!

Zucchini Lasagna

This tasty dish is available on our five-meal package menu to itemize along with other veggie-friendly entrées.

The family doctor says you should be getting more veggies – this is a good way to go by combining green value with taste and good nutrition. In fact, that idea of substitution is part of the nutrition we provide in our unique menu. 

Shepherd’s Pie

Who can resist the alluring combinations of the traditional shepherd’s pie? A bar food par excellence, and a restaurant favorite everywhere, this hearty dish is front and center on our meal menu. 

Virtually none of us are herding sheep anymore, but we can still appreciate the blend of potatoes, meat and vegetables that is all held together by a truly delicious gravy!

Get this entrée as part of your five-meal package and see what the taste sensation is all about.

Fire-Roasted Chicken Fajitas

Gets chicken strips and veggies doused in our own special blend of spices – a fiery addition to your five-meal package and a nice way to experience some Latin flavor in your life.

Tater Tot Casserole

It’s the crunchy yet soft texture of the little tots that really makes this dish pop. Experience our take upon a comfort food that can’t be beat!

Teriyaki Chicken

From our range to you – the sweet-savory appeal of teriyaki chicken makes it one of our favorites, and our customers’ favorites, too!

Enjoy these or other kinds of options, like our heavenly ground turkey, and a long line of delicacies you can enjoy in a mix-and-match package from a meal prep provider that cares about your daily nutrition and overall wellness. In past blog posts, we’ve gone over some of that philosophy that drives us to maintain excellence in delivered food stuff. 

You can also see more on the web site, including a dashboard that shows you how long until the next delivery. Why have this real-time counter? We think it provides a sense of transparency, with people being able to track our progress. And the blog posts help bring you news and information about what we’re doing, and how. Bon appetit!