At AZ Tastebuds, we are one of the best local meal prep and delivery services around. We ship quite a high volume of ready-to-eat meals to residents all over the Phoenix, AZ area.

How do we do this? By putting quality first. Meal prep and delivery is in some ways an art, and in other ways, a science. There’s a method that’s going to improve your final result and what people get when they open the container. Let’s talk a little about this since it is a big part of what has made us so successful here. 


Good and consistent portioning is really important with meal delivery.

You start with quality ingredients, and you portion them out correctly for a plate that really looks wonderful. We make things in large batches, and then plan for a certain number of ready-to-eat meals. Having more accuracy means we save time and money in getting these meals to the dinner plate, wherever that happens to be.

Food Safety and Last-Mile Delivery

Meal delivery is all about offering that last step in the food chain. We get the wholesale materials and make them ready for the plate and then ship them out. That means that food safety is a very important part of what we do.

Our people are knowledgeable about HACCP food industry safety practices and standards. For example, you’re not going to see food sitting at room temperature in any kind of way that’s going to jeopardize perishable ingredients. It’s not just meat that’s vulnerable to a lack of food safety when HACCP standards aren’t followed. We understand that, and we plan for it proactively. Every food service business should do this! Sadly, sometimes you see restaurants and other food service businesses cut corners in ways that could jeopardize the diner’s health. We are very vigilant about this kind of stuff. 


Over time, we’ve found what works to ship out different kinds of food to a diverse dining audience. It’s different shipping soup than it is sandwiches and salads. We understand that, and we’ve also improved our labeling process to make sure people know what’s in their food.
Take a look at the web site to learn more about how we deliver fresh, ready to eat meals to Arizona residents and families. Our time counter at the top of the page shows how long until our next delivery. Give us a call to get excellent meals directly to your door.