As we draw closer and closer to a new year, many people will think about their New Year’s Resolutions. Many people focus on changing their diet, losing weight, or embracing a new habit. However, the stress of making a positive life change can often be daunting, leaving many to ditch their resolutions before spring arrives. So, if that sounds like what happens to you, we encourage you to embrace a resolution that can be fun – and tasty – all at the same time. For all you foodies out there, we have compiled a few of our favorite foodie resolutions to you take with you into 2021:

  • Support small, local restaurants.

One of the best foodie resolutions you can make for the new year is supporting your favorite local restaurants. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the restaurant industry has been severely impacted and struggles to maintain its business. Do your part and support one of your favorite local restaurants. Either weekly or monthly, purchase a to-go meal or have it delivered to your home. If you don’t feel comfortable, consider calling one of your favorite establishments and find out if you can pay for someone’s meal or buy a gift card, they put towards someone’s order.

  •  Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet.

If you are looking ahead to the new year planning to go on a diet, consider taking on a simpler approach. Make a few changes rather than overhaul everything you eat. Add a fruit or vegetable to every meal of your day. Replace chips with raw veggies and a healthy dip. Stir in berries to your morning yogurt or cereal. Challenge yourself to try out a new vegetable that you’ve never tried before. A few simple changes like this can make a huge difference to your body.

  • Start meal planning for the week.

Whether your goal is to save money, reduce food waste, and eliminate cooking stress, meal planning comes with a wide variety of benefits. You can plan out your mealtime menus for the week and combine them with a food delivery service to help you with your meal prep. Our meals take the stress out of cooking and show up to your door, ready to heat and eat.

  • Donate to a local food bank.

Around the country, food banks are struggling to meet the needs of hungry households. If you can volunteer your time, even an hour or two every other week would make a world of difference. You can also donate extra food or money. Consider adding a few extra items of food to your grocery list that you can donate.

We all struggle with committing to our New Year’s Resolutions. However, if you want to make a positive change, consider some of the suggestions we have shared today. Recruit a few friends to keep yourself committed all year long. Before you know it, you’ve embraced a new lifestyle change that you will appreciate all year long.