College students have specific needs, especially if they live in a dorm or other on-campus housing. Space, resources, and time are typically scarce for most college students, making gift-giving challenging. Whether you’re buying for your child, a relative, or a friend, here’s a list of gifts any college student will love.

1) Portable Chargers 

Life is busy when you are a college student. Whether a student is attending a traditional college, taking classes on campus, or from an online university, it is easy to let your phone battery run out of juice. Smartphones are often co-eds’ sole line of communication, so it’s handy to have a portable charger always within reach. 

2) Bedside Organizational Caddies

Whether the student lives in a dorm on campus or at their residence, a bedside organizational caddy is a must-have addition to any space. Bedside caddies are made to sit on side tables or fit into the bed frame to hold many items used most. Phones, books, remotes, tablets, and more easily fit into the caddy to be kept in order and within reach.

3) Reusable Water Bottles

More than eight million tons of plastic are discarded into the ocean each year. Keep our earth clean and your college student hydrated by purchasing a reusable water bottle for your gift. College students stay so busy that it is easy not to drink a healthy amount of water. A reusable water bottle makes hydration fun and easy.

4) College Swag

College merchandise is not always cheap, and many students need the extra cash in their budget to splurge on swag. Show your school spirit by purchasing merchandise from your student’s school to wear at events, on campus, or anywhere they want to show their pride in their college. 

5) Gift Cards

While cash is still king, gift cards make excellent gifts for college students for several reasons. Not only are gift cards easy to send to your student, but they can be redeemed anywhere at any time. You can send generic gift cards or cards that allow your student to purchase goods and food from specific retailers and restaurants. 

6) Travel Bag

Students always need a good travel bag while they are in college. Whether for weekend trips to visit family and friends or to take a gap year to study abroad, travel bags are essential items that make great gifts. Choose a sturdy bag with several different compartments that make organization and packing simple. Find a bag that doesn’t take up much space when stored or can be used for multiple purposes.

7) Meal Prep Delivery Subscription

All college students love free food. Ensure your college student is well-fed and ready to study by giving them a meal prep delivery subscription as a gift. Simple to manage, choose an online meal prep delivery subscription that fits your budget and provides the information to your student. Your student can log on and choose meals to be delivered to their door, ready to heat and eat. 

Be Confident Choosing Gifts Your College Student Will Love

Choosing the perfect gift for your college student doesn’t have to be complicated. You can be confident that any gifts you purchase will be very much appreciated.