20 pack Chef Quick Mix

Chef Quick Mix ( 20 Pack)

What’s Inside:

1.Turkey Meatballs, Sweet Potatoes & Green Beans

2.Beef Meatballs, Jasmine White Rice & Broccoli

3.Teriyaki Chicken, Veggie Fried Rice & Broccoli

4.BBQ Chicken, Brown Rice & Asparagus

5. Herb Crusted Chicken, Jasmine White Rice & Asparagus

6. Ground Turkey, Brown Rice & Asparagus ( served with salsa)

7. Ground Beef, Quinoa & Bell Peppers (served with salsa)

8. Herb Chicken White Jasmine Rice & Asparagus

9.BBQ Chicken, Quinoa & Asparagus

10. Teriyaki Chicken Sweet Potatoes Broccoli

11. Turkey Meatballs, Quinoa & Asparagus

12.Beef Meatballs Quinoa & Broccoli

13. Chili, Jasmine White Rice & Broccoli

14. Chili, Brown Rice & Bell Peppers

15. Zucchini Lasagna, Quinoa & Bell Peppers

16. Turkey Meatballs, Sweet Potatoes & Green Beans

17. Beef Meatballs, Jasmine White Rice & Green Beans

18. Teriyaki Chicken, Veggie Fried Rice & Baked Zucchini

19. BBQ Chicken, Jasmine White Rice & Asparagus

20. Zucchini Lasagna, Jasmine White Rice and Bell Peppers

****Veggies CAN be altered, please note in “Chef Notes” Section


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